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Several financial analysts report that a new IPO of a popular company is coming up in the near future. This time we are talking about Discord, which just a year ago broke off negotiations with Microsoft regarding a takeover for $10 billion.

It goes without saying that many investors are now watching the company more closely because many investors could earn a lot of money with a Discord IPO. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at Discord.
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This is Discord

Clearly, buying Discord shares is an interesting investment for many investors. But before you get excited about a possible Discord IPO, you should definitely look into who is behind the company. After all, a company that only creates hype for your company shares traded on the stock exchange because of its fame, does not necessarily have to be a worthwhile investment. Rather, you should also make sure that the business field of companies like Discord that are planning to go public still holds promising statistics in the future.

Discord is a social medium, mainly for gamers. However, Discord's network has also become a popular platform for many other target groups. Among other things, the online service offers online services such as instant messaging and voice, as well as video conferencing.
Discord has become known thanks to its freeware VoIP application. This is particularly popular among gamers, as voice and text chat can be integrated directly into video games via the GameBridge API.

The company is also planning major developments for the future. Of course, gaming will continue to be Discord's focus. For example, the company is already working with Sony and Microsoft to offer its services on their video game consoles as well. So, we can look forward to not only investing in Discord stock in the near future, but also using its services on PlayStation or Xbox.

What distinguishes Discord from its competitors

Discord was one of the first providers of voice chats in video games. Its gaming chat can boast a stable growth of new users every year. Especially since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, this number has increased even more. Today, more than 140 million people worldwide use Discord.

Especially, the ease of use is probably one of the reasons why Discord is so popular among numerous gamers. You can use the Discord app on Windows as well as on iOS and Android. Furthermore, there is also a version of Discord that you can access via your internet browser.

Another advantage of Discord is that it puts as little strain on resources as possible. This is especially because the online service was primarily developed as a communication tool for gamers. The primary goal was to not compromise the quality of the game itself in any way.

How Discord makes money

Discord's app is completely free. So how can it be that the company still makes revenue when users don't have to pay anything for the services? Well, the answer is simple – through additional services.

Discord's main source of revenue is the so-called Nitro subscriptions. With this, you enjoy an improved version of the Discord chat. In addition, you can then use emojis that are not available in the free version.

Other sources of Discord's revenue include server boosts and fees from games sold on the servers.

Discord IPO – business and financial data.

If you want to invest in Discord, it is worth taking a special look at the social network's business figures. In April 2021, Microsoft negotiated with Discord to acquire the online service. The bid at the time was $10 billion – although Discord was only worth $7 billion. However, the negotiations were broken off on Discord's part.

In August 2021, Discord reported that it had $130 million in revenue in 2020. This is three times more than Discord made the year before. This brought Discord's estimated enterprise value to $15 billion.

According to TechCrunch, Discord CEO Jason Citron is said to have confirmed an upcoming $140 million funding round. Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal reports Discord is now planning an IPO.


What's the case for a Discord IPO?

The social network for gamers Discord only held talks with Microsoft about a takeover by the Windows publisher towards the end of April last year. However, the negotiations fell through. Discord rejected the $10 billion offer given by Microsoft.

Instead, Discord has since unveiled plans to offer Discord shares for sale on the stock market, according to the Wall Street Journal. Numerous financial analysts expect that we can all still invest in Discord in 2022. We will keep you updated as soon as there is any new information about trading Discord shares on the stock exchange.

How can I invest in Discord shares before the Discord IPO?

In the past, it was difficult for small investors to invest in shares that were not yet traded on the stock exchange. Fortunately, today the situation is different. There are now numerous brokers on the market that offer you so-called pre-IPO shares.

However, when buying IPO shares, you need to pay attention to the lock-up period. For most newly traded securities on the stock exchange, this is 90 or 180 days. You cannot resell your shares within this period.

Is it worth investing in Discord?

Yes, investing in Discord can be worthwhile. Because Discord is so immensely popular, it is able to steadily increase the number of its users every year. This is not only because the app is completely free, but it also works on many platforms. So, you can use the social network's services for gaming via your PC, cell phone, as well as your PlayStation.

As the number of users increases, so does the amount of opportunity Discord has to generate more revenue. The company currently generates this through voluntary subscriptions that users can sign up for. But the sale of games via Discord servers is also one of the sources of income.


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